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Friday May 13
Saturday May 14


Fluxxss is a video artist based out of Durham, North Carolina. Influenced by horror, new wave, and cyberpunk; Fluxxss has developed a glitch-inspired style wherein they hyper-edit found and filmed footage to create visual landscapes that highlight the connection and commonalities between digital and spiritual spaces.

Friday May 13


Blaine Wyatt Carteaux, is a North Carolina based visual artist and tastemaker known for his work under the moniker Cool Boy 36. Blaine is additionally a co-founder of the Durham-based record label, Raund Haus, a community-oriented cross-genre electronic label that is well recognized for helping establish the local electronic scene and providing a platform for local talent.


The work of Cool Boy 36 is not limited to one artistic medium; Blaine is well known in the local art scene for his unique style of visual performance art, clothing, and painting. Blaine takes a non-traditional approach to production, curating vintage media and material to create a collaged multimedia portrait of emotion and pop culture.


The ever-evolving aesthetic of Cool Boy 36 mirrors the growth and changing landscape of Durham itself, and reminds us that for better or for worse, change does not stop for anyone, and as creatives we have the power to influence the kinds of change that we would like to see within our own communities.