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Maison Fauna


Sunday May 15

Maison Fauna is a record label born in Durham in spring of 2020 (timing implications implied but intentionally not addressed). The co-founders each helm their own lanes of A&R with matching parties and VA compilations. Kir (aka Sarah) heads up Unrivaled Groove (UKG, breaks, electro), Randall Self (aka Nick De Nitto) oversees Der Hammer (techno), and 2Dwave (aka Simon Briggs) is the resident minimal/experimental/ambient expert. For their showcase on Sunday 5/15, expect a rare taste of each of these facets of the collective at a single event, featuring label artists

Check out Marteka Fair, Christian Summers, and Temple of Boom, and friends new and old Ver, Matthew Cha, and Body Copy.
​​As co-owners and co-producers of the festival, Maison Fauna have had a hand in both the curation and experiential aspects of Slingshot.