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Saturday May 14

Viiaan is a Producer, DJ, and founder/manager of record label Voragine. (Voragine is a platform under which she promotes artists who work in the fields of experimental electronics, visual arts, and the club sound, with the aim of creating a space that fosters introspection).


Although she is unwilling to pin down a specific style to define her work, she is inclined to breaks, percussions, ambient, and techno. Influences include house music and the 90’s. During her career as a producer, she has released music on different labels such as: Extasis Records, Infinite Machine, Causal Chain, SNU, and her own label. This releases show the breadth of her style, from dark ambient to techno, dance hall, and drum & bass.


Her first album Fusagasuga was released at the end of February 2022 via Voragine & NFT.