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Sunday October 9

Ultrabillions is a meditation on patterns and systems as realized through copper and electricity.


Using chance and indeterminate methods, Ultrabillions builds systems designed to support and promote the manipulation of time and physical space. Each track is recorded and live mixed in a single take, allowing the immediacy of performance to remain the central element of the work.


Ultrabillions can be experienced at electronic music events like Moogfest, Common Circuits, Raund Haus, and sound installations like Flux Projects. Ultrabillions’ sounds have been heard in Apple events and will have new sounds premiering at the 2022 American Dance Festival with the dance collective COMPANY. Ultrabillions is also a member of the NC based Moroderik collective. At its essence and as its aim, Ultrabillions’ work is an intersection of the Body and Daytime Television.