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Marv Krown

Raleigh Raund Haus

Friday May 13

Meet Marv Krown, a Raleigh, NC based musician, instrumental artist, producer and engineer. The bass guitar is his primary instrument, which explains his attention to rhythm and groove in his production. If you have a traditional expectation of rhythm, you may want to lose that notion when experiencing his music. Along with his out-of-the box approach to rhythm and groove, he will take you for a ride on a hearty, deep, and lavish wave of harmonies. Additionally, he often makes use of soulful sample chops that transport you to another time.


He’s been given the chance to share the stage with the likes of DJ Harrison, Astronautica, Oak City Slums, Made of Oak, Treee City, Lxrd Fess and a plethora of other performers. With no end in sight, Marv looks forward to continually releasing more music and sharing it with people on stages all over the world.