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Queens, NY

Friday May 13

New York-based artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist Eartheater​ distills​ a three-octave vocal range, experimental digital production and classical composition into works suspended between sonic abstraction and arresting lucidity. Her recorded output is enhanced by her viscerally emotive live performances that capture her fearless physical investment and gut-wrenching vocal sincerity.


With her new album, Phoenix:​ Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin​, Earthaeter is reborn. Composed, produced, and arranged entirely by Eartheater, Phoenix​ draws a path back to the primordial lava lake from which she first emerged, as it also testifies to the many resurrections her project has undergone over the last decade. While the album renews her focus on guitar performance and legible structure, Eartheater balances the unabashed prettiness of acoustic harmonic songs with the dissonant gestural embroidery of oblique instrumentals. The album, released in fall 2020 via PAN, is the result of a laborious revival in fire, and recontextualizes Eartheater’s combinatorial approach to production within her most confident abstractions, adjacent to some of her most direct and affecting songs to date.