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Boo Lean


Friday May 13

Boo Lean (Lauren Goshinski) is a hidden gem who keeps making her way into new light. Her taste and skill as DJ gallop fearlessly ahead, while knowing the history upon which she’s indebted. If you’ve heard her mixes for Untitled 909, NTS, Refuge Worldwide, Daisychain, Spontaneous Affinity, EOS Radio and more, her touch is unmistakable. Genre-fluid and cathartic, we just know we’ll be surprised and rung out by the end of the journey. It’s not unusual to find her accenting a rave with a selector’s choice of drum & bass, tripped out jungle, fire dancehall, twisted polyrhythms, nostalgic nu-metal bops (they exist), or … was that Crazy Frog? Even in the headiest moments, she offers straight up weird and humorous left turns, reminding us that the dancefloor should be a place of ego-less joy.