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Action Group

Friday October 7

An action group is an assemblage of people who get together to solve a task, then disband once it’s been completed. For this project, a revolving door of collaborators jump in to solve a “musical problem.” There is no set band, per se. Modular synthesizers are at the heart of it, but any instrument can be added to the mix. Solo performances are on the table too.
The only constants are that it must be inherently musical, and no two shows will be alike. Sure, there will be releases, eventually, but Action Group’s MO is to take a concept from an idea to its realization, then move on to the next one. It is disposable art.


TRIPLE X SNAXXX’s Alex Maiolo is the only invariable component, but Mew’s Jonas Bjerre has been a regular collaborator. Other performers are already on deck for performances in the U.S. and Europe.