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About Slingshot

A festival celebrating music and electronic art

Slingshot, the international festival of music and electronic arts in the South, has moved to Durham, NC for its fifth edition and beyond. Slingshot’s reputation to deliver the best experience in next wave music and electronic art is unrivaled. After four successful years in Athens, GA hosting hundreds of performers and creators from across the globe for thousands of attendees, Slingshot is now proud to call the dynamic city of Durham, NC home.


Slingshot is a categorically inclusive event highlighting a range of dance, electronic, forward-thinking pop, and experimental music from around the world. The event is locally owned and operated as a partnership of Slingshot and Durham record label Maison Fauna.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tickets

    How can I purchase tickets?

    You can purchase tickets via Resident Advisor, or by clicking here.

    I’m scared of ticket fraud. Help!

    We only sell tickets on one website: Resident Advisor. You might see some official giveaways with our partners, but we will never sell tickets on any other platform besides RA. Stick to RA and you’ll be in the clear!

    How can I get my ticket?

    After you purchase a ticket from RA, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email will allow you to pull up proof of purchase. You will also be able to open up your ticket on the Resident Advisor App, which we recommend you download for convenience. Once we scan your ticket, we’ll provide a wristband that corresponds with your ticket type.

  • Safety and Inclusion

    What are the house rules?

    Slingshot Festival is about bringing together international, national, and local talent in the city of Durham, NC, to celebrate avant-garde music and electronic art. Together with our partner venues, we strive to create a safe space where racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, aggressive behavior and unwanted advances result in a removal from the event. Everyone has a role to play in keeping one another safe, and therefore, we rely on everyone to keep an eye out, care for, and respect one another.

    We understand this this doesn’t always happen, and that people aren’t always perfect. To hold ourselves and each other to the highest standard and to make the festival more inclusive, we have made the following changes this year:

    – We will have a safety team that will be involved in keeping eyes on dance floors and communal spaces. We will share more about how to identify these folks closer to the festival, but they have the training to help in sensitive situations where assistance or staff involvement is required. These include issues of race, gender, and sexuality, as well as people needing access to something specific — like water, medical help, etc. If someone is making you uncomfortable, simply find a member of the safety team and fill them in.

    – We are here to discuss how we can make Slingshot better, from how people enter and exit the festival, to how the weekend ends. We want to hear feedback and respond to what the community needs. Please email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

    How old do you have to be to attend the festival?


  • Festival Information

    Will there be any COVID safety precautions?

    We encourage vaccinations, and think it’s great if you chooose to wear a mask. That being said, we are following city mandates and will not be requiring either for entry.

    Can I enter anytime? Is there re-entry?

    Yes, you can enter any time and re-entry is allowed! If you buy a day pass, re-entry will only be allowed on the day for which your pass was issued.

    Where is the closest bus station, train station, and/or airport?

    We’re located less than six blocks from both the Durham Amtrak Station and the Durham Greyhound Station. The closest airport is RDU (Raleigh-Durham), with busses running from RDU to the Durham Amtrak daily.

    Can I take photos at the festival?

    We encourage taking photos at the festival, but consent MUST be granted if you’d like to take photos of others. This rule of consent also applies to artists, with the exception of when they’re performing.

    No professional photography allowed without a media pass.

  • Other/Contact

    What’s there to do in Durham?

    There’s tons to do in Durham. Keep an eye out for our city guide, complete with official after parties, our favorite restaurants, and fun things to do outdoors, about two weeks proir to the festival.

    My question isn’t on here…

    Drop us a line at [email protected].